Our Mission

To create a luxury design , premium material with fine craftsmanship and functional handbag to keep your daily essentials neat and organize at a fair price.

Our Vision

To be a successful global brand and donate to charity to help children and youth in need in communities.

Our Values

Trust,Honesty, Passionate, Reliability, Loyalty, Consistency, Committed, Efficiency, Innovation, Creativity, Motivation, Positivism and Respect.

Our Belief

BAX is all about transparency and trust. In the modern era of technology, anyone could web browse in the internet to find manufacturing cost of a watch, a smartphone, or a handbag within minutes. This type of “free and open” information helps consumers make better purchasing decisions.

The retail price of a traditional premium handbags can be anywhere between 10 and 50 times higher than its production cost. These “margin” is used to compensate wholesalers, distributors, and retailers- the price increasing every-time when it passes through these middleman. On top of that, there’s huge celebrity advertising campaigns and event sponsorship many brands engage in.

BAX is different. We believe in making premium handbags available to everyone at fair prices. We value access over aspiration, and expression over status.

Our team always pushes themselves to break the boundaries and redesign our products to fit in our mission. We set out to create eco-friendly solutions that delight at first sight yet effortlessly organised what’s uniquely important to you.


BAX is founded in Borneo Malaysia. It all began in year end 2018. We travel the world research to find the perfect bag with all BAX criteria.

We found out that luxury design, high quality materials, good craftsmanship handbags will cost a fortune. We researched that, those handbags were being sold for 1,000% more than it cost to produce them.

While investigating further, we found the majority of the price of a high-quality handbag was the result of expensive marketing campaigns, wasteful product development processes, inefficient supplier and distribution channels, as well as excessive “status symbol” markups by brands and their partners.

BAX started with a simply philosophy “luxury,premium and functional at an irrestable price”. The philosophy is behind everything we do.

What We Do?

We create handbags collections for the modern woman through carefully selected materials, hardware,fabrics, precise silhouettes and attention to detail.

We keep our philosophy together with our mission.

The luxury design of our bags are inspired by art, lifestyle, culture and simplicity around the world.

Premium quality is always our main concern, our materials are hand selected for their premium, smooth and beautiful texture. Materials we used ensures a long lasting life span for our products. Every products is made with fine craftsmanship.

In order to be functionality , we develop the custom compartment organize with the bag together, define a whole new integration we used the top quality materials to build inside so the bag can sustain weight and organize perfectly for your daily essential.

A single touch of our products takes you the feel of our good materials.


Bax define its handbags by Premium quality, Luxury Design, Great Color, Versatility and Functionality.

Premium quality : Our materials are hand selected for their premium quality , smooth and beautiful texture.

Luxury Design : Our handbags are crafted for premium and luxury look to match multiple roles

Great Color : We offers variety of colors for you to pick your favorites.

Versatility : Ours bags are versatile for most of the outfit you can match out there.

Functionality : Our bags are functional inside where you can keep your daily essential neat and nice.

How we made it happen

Lets make it happen together